Materials Testing

The Material laboratory offer mechanical testing, concrete testing and geotechnical testing. Our location is at Fagskolen Rogaland, studyplace Kalhammeren, and is certified by Kontrollrådet within severeal testing areas.

We are performing different tests. Please contact us if this is in your interest.

  1. Mechanical testing
  2. Geotechnical testing
  3. Concrete testing
  4. Laboratory equipment
  5. Approvals and test scope
  6. Substance register

We offer a tour of the laboratory and demonstrations of different tests for students.

Contact us for requests, visits and deliver materials/equipment:
Concrete testing: +47 51 50 03 92/93
Mechanical testing: +47 51 50 03 26

Øyvind Time

Tlf: 51 50 03 92

Arnfinn Neverdal

Tlf: 51 50 03 93 

Materials for testing can be sent to:
Stavanger Offshore Technical College
Material Lab
Tjuvholmveien 40, 4007 STAVANGER

Material laboratory has been certified by Kontrollrådet.