Technical College Petroleum

Technical College Petroleum (TCP) offers specialized distance learning programs tailored specifically for offshore and onshore personnel within Drilling Departments who possess the knowledge required to assume higher positions. Other professionals in the field are encouraged to attend this study program in order to further their knowledge within Petroleum Technology.

These programs aim at providing training to drilling technicians, whose qualifications lie between those of skilled workers and engineers. Drilling technicians will have sufficient professional competence to supervise operational personnel on board drilling units.

Demo streamed lecture in Norwegian: Boreprogram
Demo streamed lecture in English: Kill methods – Drillers and Wait and Weight method
Demo streamed lecture in Portuguese: Apresentação do programa Technical College Petroleum

For an outline of the TCP program please click on the picture below and the video will open in a new window.


Cost of levels for one participant is 16.000 – 22.000 NOK. This includes the full internet-based study package of: online learning resources, presentations, streamed lectures, instructor support, assessment and documentation. Prices may be subject to change on a yearly basis according to general changes in industry.

 The admission process

To attend the study programme or to request more information please contact:

Stella Aguirre (Project Manager)
+47 51 50 03 15


Candidates can be continuously enrolled on to the study programme.