Evaluation and Documentation

Evaluation and documentation

The evaluation method will take into consideration both the aims and the contents of the proposed course. The evaluation will be carried out in a way that verifies that the students have acquired the knowledge and competence as described in the objectives for the education. Grades in letters will be used, ranging from A to F where A is the highest pass grade, and F is an outright fail.

Students must also do some minor tests for each of the subjects throughout the study programme although they will not receive a grade for these minor tests. It will be mandatory for students to complete these tests with 80% correct answers.


A Excellent result, clearly distinguished. The student demonstrates comprehensive insight, knowledge, skills and attitude.
B Very good result. The student demonstrates solid insight, knowledge, skills and attitude.
C An average, good result, satisfactory in most areas. The student demonstrates good insight, knowledge, skills and attitude.
D An acceptable result, with some essential shortcomings. The student shows fairly good insight, knowledge, skills and attitude.
E The result is within the minimum requirements, but not more. The student demonstrates sufficient insight, knowledge, skills and attitude.
F The result does not fulfill the minimum requirements for the subject. The student does not demonstrate insight or consistence in knowledge, skills or attitude.


After completing and passing the course, a certificate of drilling technician is issued by the college.

The certificate will display the levels incorporated in the course programme, and it will encompass the scope of the levels and the grades achieved. The subjects and the corresponding levels will be recorded on the last page of the certificate.

A letter of competence will be issued upon completion of each level. The goals and contents of each level will be described according to the education plan.