General information

Training programme for Drilling Departments

Continuous advances in technology within the oil and gas industry, in addition to demands for sounder economic structures entail higher automation requirements and advanced computer based systems. In turn, specific new requirements are placed upon drilling personnel to update their professional qualifications. The training provided within drilling is aimed at personnel who possess the knowledge required to assume higher positions within drilling departments onshore and offshore. However, other professionals are encouraged to attend this study programme in order to further their knowledge within petroleum technology.

Web-based training programme

This is a web-based training programme. All the learning material will be available online for students through the learning management systems; Its-learning as well as el-petroleumwhich is provided by a leading publisher in the field (Vett & Viten). By the means of streamed lessons, video tutorials and instructor availability via e-mail, students will receive the support they need in order to complete the programme within the stipulated timeframe.

Continues assessment

Each of the subjects in the syllabus has aims and learning objectives which form the basis for evaluation. Students will be evaluated to determine to what extent they have achieved the aims set out in the syllabus. Evaluation of the students will be carried out by both continuous assessment and final assessment. Continuous assessment is carried out in cooperation between the student and the training establishment – SOTS. It is the responsibility of the training establishment to ensure that the student receives comprehensive training in accordance with the syllabus. A final assessment of students will also be made for each of the subjects.