SOTS online learning system

In order to make efficient use of time and financial resources, to ensure effective learning, and to have a flexible system, SOTS has developed the training programme outlined below:

  • online study primarily computer-based;
  • instructor availability via e-learning management system;
  • student testing and examinations via web-based tools.

A demanding learning system based on:

  • individual study;
  • no direct interaction between students and instructors due to the absence of the traditional classroom setting.

Learning management system: 

The learning management system (Its-learning) will be used as the Internet platform in the study programme.

  • Instructors’ lessons will be streamed and displayed on the Internet allowing students to watch lessons anywhere and at any time.
  • The lectured streamed lessons are combined with presentations containing pictures and animations to make the study material engaging and easy to follow.
  • Its-learning will be the tool which will enable efficient communication between students and instructors.
  • Subject matter and exercises/tests will be displayed via Its-learning. At intervals throughout the study programme, students will find questions that will need to be answered correctly before being allowed to continue.

Lectured streamed lesson – example 1

Lectured streamed lesson – example 2

Lectured streamed lesson – example 3