Projects & Services

Running an International Techical College

SOTS Course Centre has successfully taken part in a number of projects abroad providing services in consultancy, training of personnel, presentation of Internet based concepts, and setting up educational structures. Our international projects include:


Project Outline

Project Document


“Train the Trainers” program for subsea technology.


The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan together with The Foundation Rogaland Training and Education Centre (RKK) in Norway are cooperating to develop and strengthen vocational education and training in Azerbaijan. The grant is for a period of three years, from 2015 to 2017.


On the Job Training program developed for skills and competencies development in Brazilian oil and gas industry.


The aim of the partnership between ETERJ and SOTS was development of the Derrickman course for locals who wish to join the oil and gas market.

Equatorial Guinea

Education of locally employed personnel from Equatorial Guinea within the area of industrial processes.

European Union

A Europe based project involving Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Italy and Norway to assess the use of online distance learning in connection with oil spill crisis management.

Faroe Islands

Building up local expertise in well engineering on the Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands



Establishment of innovative network of quality within oil & gas education and training.


Online learning program developed to provide training to drilling technicians. Technical College Petroleum (TCP) net-based Technology.

South Africa

The purpose of the Joint Venture between SAMTRA and SOTS Course Centre was to establish the terms for a mechanism to enable training and education for the oil and gas industry in South Africa and the countries of Sub Sahara.

South Africa

Establishment of a training and education framework within specialized oil and gas industry.

South Africa

Every year one 20-foot container full of used bicycles is being sent by Stavanger Offshore Technical College to The Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) in Cape Town. SOTS started this initiative in school year 2011-2012.



Training program set up in cooperation with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PTIL), Climate and Pollution Agency (KLIF) and PETRAD.


Training Programme for Welding, Machining, Service & Maintenance and Petrochemical Laboratory.

SOTS Course Centre, with a staff of 15, has around 2000 participants annually in a range of courses and programmes for continuing professional development. The Course Centre has a wide range of workshops and laboratories. The Safety Centre offers courses in offshore, navigation and land-based operations.


  • are provided by highly skilled teaching staff and professionals from the College and the oil/gas and safety industries,
  • can be tailored within our expertise areas of training and education to suit the client’s specific requirements,
  • are given using up-to-date equipment in modern facilities,
  • are IMO and OLF approved,
  • have DNV and Norwegian certification,
  • have Norwegian Maritime Directorate and Oil Operators Union approval.

Technical College Petroleum (TCP) is Net-based learning (International). Read more here.